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There’s a certain quality about warm lighting hitting the broad leaves of a healthy, well-watered plant when the sun is going down. If that painted a soothing picture in your mind, you’re not alone. We enjoy incorporating lights into nature in order to enhance the atmosphere and natural qualities of our customer’s flora. We’ve been designing and installing landscape lighting since we started doing business in Huffman, TX, years ago. We have a community here in Huffman that really appreciates landscape design, and folding unique lighting configurations into the mix adds a layer of aesthetic appeal that is unparalleled.



Soft Glow vs. Hard Lighting

Huffman Sprinklers has installed all types of landscape lighting over the years, but we have a preference as to which we recommend. That is to be expected, most people prefer one type of light over the other. We personally enjoy soft glows versus sharp, bright white lighting. We feel as if the softer yellowed orange glow is more soothing, and easier on the eyes. The sharp contrast of the daylight white against the dark greens of your yard at night are simply too bold for us. However, we recognize that our tastes do not reflect our clients’ and therefore we offer all manner of color temperature options.

Installation: Easy

Getting lighting installed is often seen to be a challenging and time-consuming business. That is true for installers who have never installed landscape lighting before. We at Huffman are professionals and we know exactly what to do to get your lighting systems installed in the most optimal configuration. You don’t need to worry about balancing the lighting or making sure that lights catch your plants in the most flattering way. We will handle all of that for you, and make adjustments until you’re pleased with the outcome.

Revitalize Your Yard

If you are looking to add some extra “oomph” to your yard setup, you definitely should look into the different types of bold and statement lighting that we offer. You’ll get one of a kind options as well as a dedicated guide through the process of purchasing and installing landscape lighting. We’re flexible and we have tons of options to choose from, so make sure you take advantage of our experts. Ask them questions, have them draw mock-ups for you and leverage their expertise. That’s what they’re there for after all. We don’t hire designers and installers solely for one job, all of our employees are cross-trained and can help you along the way.

Layout Choices

It can be hard to settle on just one lighting configuration. That’s why we give you more than just one option to choose from. We want you to have solid comparisons and know what you’re deciding upon before you pull the trigger. If you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with the project description, let us know and we will go back to the drawing board. We’re happy to help you in any way we can, there’s no need to settle for a project you aren’t absolutely in love with.


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