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​The team at Huffman Sprinklers is a dedicated and courteous group of sprinkler and yard service professionals. We are in the business of improving lives and the natural beauty of the yards around Huffman, TX. We can’t say enough how happy we are being in the business of streamlining yard maintenance and irrigation troubleshooting. It is an extremely rewarding business, because we are giving home and business owners back their time and their energy. When you have to water a yard every single day, you begin to realize how much time that eats up. Having an automated system is one of the best quality of life improvements we can offer, and you’ll get a lush green lawn to boot!



We’re not in the business of fixing yards or plumbing, we’re in the business of returning time and energy to our clients. We feel as if humans weren’t put on this earth to continuously do mundane tasks. We were meant to explore, socialize, consume culture and art and expand our mental capacities. Being shackled to yard maintenance just hinders our cultural growth, and we as humans are more than that. Let Huffman Sprinklers help you in liberating your free time from the clutches of your dry yard and your backflow issues. We will gladly take over so you can have some free time and spend your time doing something that you want to do. Call us today using the number at the top of the page, we’re looking forward to your call!


Huffman Sprinklers

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