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There is nothing worse than going to get a clean glass of water from the tap, only to discover that your water supply has been tainted due to backflow. Backflow is one of those rare phenomenons that you never want to experience first hand. Backflow is not only irritating and stressful, but it is extremely dangerous as well. Water that occurs from a backflow issue can be tainted with fertilizers, human waste, chemicals and dirt. If you want to to avoid backflow issues in your home or business, don’t delay, contact Huffman Sprinklers today.


Backflow Design and Remediation

If you’re not sure where to start with fixing your backflow issue, then picking up the phone and dialing the number at the top of this page is the best place for you to start. Even if you’re an experienced plumber, you may still run into issues with designing an backflow prevention loop, just due to how convoluted the systems can be. It takes someone who does backflow for a living to really comprehend and implement a working prevention system. If we’ve made you think twice about trying to fix your backflow issues yourself, we’ve done our job.

Healthy Water, Healthy Family

We take for granted the purity of our water on a daily basis. In less developed parts of the world, water is a commodity that doesn’t always get purified, mostly due to the lack of resources, time and money. Backflow water is as dangerous as drinking water from a stagnant pool. The levels of chemicals and bacteria that can be found in backflow water are definitely enough to make your family sick, and we at Huffman Sprinklers want to do whatever it takes to prevent that. Call us today, make an appointments and let us diagnose your water and plumbing to see if backflow is a problem for you.

Water Quality vs. Water Quantity

There are multiple problems that can arise when backflow issues are introduced into your home’s water system. Your plumbing isn’t designed for there to be reverse suction occurring in your pipes. If you notice that you have poor water flow and your water has an odd smell, you may be victim of a backflow issue. It isn’t worth the risk in waiting to see if you are or aren’t affected, just call us and we can determine that for you. Let us help keep you and your family and pets safe!

Big Issues With Backflow

Backflow is usually a symptom of a much larger issue. Backflow can start with problems of an over-saturated yard or a blockage in your plumbing. Even these major issues aren’t anything to worry about when you have a company like Huffman Sprinklers on your side. There’s nothing we can’t fix when it comes to backflow problems. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t outsource the work to another company, we are involved from start to finish. We want to make sure that work is done right and on time.


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